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Resources to help you explore the history and origin of Boogie Woogie music.  Special thanks to Dr. John Tennison and Jack and Nancy Canson for their years of work chronicling the history of Boogie Woogie and its connection to Marshall and East Texas.  Check back from time-to-time, as additional resources will be added!

Dr. John Tennison’s pages: and page, extensively updated by Jack Canson



June 27, 2013, Rick Row, Boogie Woogie Segment on KTBS 3.



NPR's "All Things Considered," Boogie Woogie report by Wade Goodwin – The Birthplace of Boogie Woogie and Omar's return.  February 2011.



Marshall, Texas – The Birthplace of Boogie Woogie, By Jack Canson, based on the original research of John Tennison, M.D.  Published in the Marshall News Messenger May 30 through June 6, 2010. 


[Link to pdf]


How Boogie Woogie Originated in the Marshall Area, By Jack Canson, Based on the research of John Tennison, M.D


[Link to pdf]

Omar Sharriff – Homecoming Concert, June 11, 2010 – an incredibly important event in Marshall’s Boogie Woogie history.

A Canson and Canson Production, edited by Barney Canson.


OMAR SHARRIFF Boogie Woogie Homecoming Concert Marshall TX

Jessica Harker’ Three Part Series in the Marshall News Messenger, February 2022 – Marshall’s musical history.


Part 1


Part 2



Part 3

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